About Badlapur

About Badlapur

Badlapur is a growing city in Thane districtMaharashtra state, India. It is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Due to population growth in nearby cities, people working in Mumbai have been moving to Badlapur for a number of socioeconomic reasons, including close proximity to Mumbai via rail.

Badlapur was named for being a remount depot on a travel route through the rugged Konkan region to Gujarat via Surat. The town was famous for its splendid horses. Warriors (e.g. Chhatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj Bhonsle) changed their horses at the town in anticipation of the difficult climb through the Konkan. The word “change” (badla in Marathi) was applied to the town. “Badlapur” is derived from “badla” plus “pur”, which means village or town.

Badlapur was recognised as a town in 1971, as a municipal town in Ulhasnagar tehsil.

The city has seen massive growth since the 1980s, with a rapid increase in population, due in part its proximity to Mumbai by rail, in consequence of which the area around the Badlapur railway station has developed faster than old Badlapur village itself.

Badlapur has an average elevation of 44 metres (144 ft). The region surrounding Badlapur is mountainous. The Ulhas River flows between Badlapur and Kulgaon. Floods frequently occur due to Badlapur’s geographical location near this mountain runoff. Badlapur and Kulgaon are connected by two bridges over the river. The city is virtually divided into two areas, “East” and “West”, by the railway.

Rail: Located about 68 kilometres (42 mi) from Mumbai, Badlapur is a terminal station for many trains, local to Mumbai, of the Central Railway zone, one of the two national zonal divisions of the Mumbai Suburban Railway operated by Indian Railways.

By fast train it takes about 1.23 hours from Mumbai (CST) to Badlapur; by slow train it takes about 1.50 hours.

Road: The town is well connected to the Mumbai Pune Expressway. There are upcoming development which connect to Badlapur and Panvel which will take only 20 min to Reach Navi Mumbai from Badlapur.  NMMT buses are available from Badlapur to Vashi and CBD Belapur/Turbhe Bus Station.

Air: The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, around 57 kilometres (35 mi) and Proposed Panvel international Airport, around 20 Km from Badlapur.

There are branches of many national banks in Badlapur, including State Bank of IndiaICICI BankBank of MaharashtraCanara BankAxis Bank (formerly known as UTI Bank),Punjab National BankIDBI Bank (previously known as United Western Bank), Bank of BarodaBank of IndiaUnion Bank of IndiaCentral Bank of IndiaCorporation Bank and HDFC Bank.

Recently the city has made headlines in the news due to the steepest hikes in real estate values in the locality. Many noted personalities, including filmstars like Mahesh Babu, have shown interest in buying properties here in the vicinity of the scenic Ulhas River valley.

The city is famous for education. Many students from the city have been listed in SSC and HSC merit lists. Every year students from Badlapur attend higher education intechnologymedicine and many other fields at Mumbai University. The city has many fine schools that teach in Marathi and English. There are two colleges affiliated to theUniversity of Mumbai. Recently, Badlapur has acquired an engineering college, Lilavati Awhad Institute of Technology, at Kanhor village, Badlapur West. Some of the schools are listed below:

  1. Adarsh Vidya Mandir
  2. Badlapur High School
  3. Bharat College
  4. Brainwave Science Academy
  5. Poddar Bravio
  6. Carmel Convent High School
  7. G. Naik High School(formerly known as Bal Vikas Mandir)
  8. Don Bosco English High School
  9. Fatima High School
  10. Gurukul International School
  11. Heaven Bell Convent High School, Yadav Nagar
  12. E. S. Katrap Vidyalaya
  13. Janab Classes Badlapur
  14. P. M. Jadhav Vidyalaya(Pawar high school), Manjarli
  15. Leelavati Awhad Institute of Technology and Management Studies and Research, Kanhor village, Badlapur West
  16. New English High School
  17. Panna English High School
  18. Presidency English School
  19. Rajashree Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Vidyalaya(formerly known as S. M. Pawar Vidyalaya)
  20. Antony’s Convent School, Badlapur West
  21. John Bosco High School and Junior College of Commerce, Belavali, Badlapur West
  22. Shrikrishna Khamkar Vidyalaya and Junior College
  23. Yogi Shree Arvind Gurukul High School


There are many places around the city that are famous for recreation, cultural activities, and personal and spiritual development. Badlapur is very attractive and is surrounded by mountains and has the fine Ulhas River nearby.



Kondeshwar has a beautiful waterfall, along with a pond. There is a temple of Lord Shiva, to which pilgrims flock during Shivratri and Maha Shivratri, hence the name Kondeshwar. Kondeshwar is remotely located away from noise and urban pollution, with the nearest village located about 20/25 minutes’ walk away. It has two waterfalls and a small river. Near Kondeshwar there is a picnic spot beside the Bhoj Dam.

Matheran Range

The Matheran Range starts at Haji Malang in the north-north-west, continues to Tavli in the north, and then runs south and finally terminates at Bhivpuri Road Hill. Strictly speaking, this range is not a part of the Sahyadris, but rather runs parallel to the Badlapur-Karjat railway line to its west. The Sahyadris proper run parallel to the same railway line, but to its east.

Badlapur is the starting point for treks to Tavli, Badlapur Hill and Navra-Navri. Vangani is 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from the city by railway, and is the starting point for treks to Nakhind and Chanderi. Neral is 20 kilometres from Badlapur city and is the starting point for treks to NakhindPeb Fort and Matheran.


Chanderi – A view from Taverwadi (Panvel side). Chanderi is a majestic massif, 800 metres (2,600 ft) high, that stands out as one approaches Vangani station on the way from Badlapur toKarjat by train. Joined to Chanderi by a column are a group of four pinnacles called Mhasmal. The Chanderi-Mhasmal duo is very prominent and can be seen from far-away peaks in the Sahyadris.

Chanderi looks close from Vangani, but the better approach road to it is from Badlapur. From Badlapur Station hire an auto-rikshaw up to Chinchavali Wadi. From there you have a walk of about 45 minutes to the base of Chanderi Fort. To reach above takes about 2½ hours and to the summit takes another 45 minutes.


Tavli is a conical shaped mountain at the northern end of the Matheran Range, 790 metres (2,590 ft) high.

Barvi Dam

Barvi Dam is 18 kilometres (11 mi) from Badlapur. Barvi Dam provides water to Navi Mumbai and Thane. Surrounded by evergreen hills and dense forest, Barvi Dam is a popular recreation spot and picnic spot. Public transportation is available.

Chikhaloli Dam

Chikhaloli Dam is in Ambernath, around 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Badlapur. It is a famous recreational spot in the summer and also during the monsoon. Many people from Mumbai and nearby places come to enjoy the dam for swimming.

Badlapur have auto rickshaw services to reach destinations within badlapur city. S.T Bus One can find State Transport near Badlapur Railway station (west) Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges are very close to Badlapur Railway station. Also Badlapur is well known for industrial area surrounded by this city. To serve this industries commuters comes around the city for there bread and butter.